Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello!!! It was SOOOOO nice to SEE you guys!! I felt bad right at the start because Maya was crying already, but she was better after talking about her Minecraft stuff. Brianna was funny, she would be the one to have a paper with questions on it. Parker was Parker... Travis looked good with his new haircut! I bet he hates it because it is "short". Dad looked like he was actually awake :P You looked good with your warm scarf. :)
I got my knee looked at and she said I tore my meniscus. She said it should heal by itself, she gave me some meds that I need to take twice a day for 14 days. She said if it’s not better by then, I’ll have to go back in. The meds I’m on are pain killers and they help with arthritis so its been feeling great! :)  It seems like it is doing better, I might go buy a brace for it still though.
Christmas day! We went to the zone leaders house and we opened presents there with them and the Kanesville Elders. We played games and had WAFFLES! I tried my new Great Harvest jam I received from you guys on mine and it was great! We had lunch with a members family at the Council Bluffs church, which is a super small church. It has only one hallway and that’s it. We have been there once before for a baptism and we didn't realize we saw the whole church that day. We then went to another members house so the Kanesville Elders could skype their parents.
Friday - we saw the doctor.  We also saw Jerry Warren again, the dude that always says he has to put his pants on. This time he said he said he wasn't sure if we could come over because he didn't comb his hair...... I'm pretty sure he is just messing with us. He did come to church Sunday which was great. We introduced him to the bishop!  We had to hurry and find him because Jerry was only staying for sacrament which is first, then he said he had to go home and put his leg up.
Saturday - We knocked on doors in the 60 degrees we had. We had short sleeve shirts on and we drove with the windows down. It was a VERY nice day. Then the wind kicked up at about 8pm while we were walking and just blew and blew, we were pretty much running home trying to hurry and get out of that stupid wind. We got a ride to church the next day and someone’s tramp blew in the middle of a field. It was then 6 degrees Sunday AND it was SUNNY ALL DAY! I don't get how the temp can change that fast and that much!!
I really enjoy those cd's you sent me, I really enjoy that latest one you sent me with Jerico Road. "Come Thou Fount" is my favorite right now :)  I listen to it sometimes just to have music playing when we are home. It’s sooo strange not having music playing all day like I’m use to.
Remember when I told you guys while Skyping that there are squirrels out here? They run all over the place and there are BLACK ones!!! They are sneaky little things and they run all over the road. I bet I see like 30-40 of them every day!
I hope that you guys have a good week, my time is up, hopefully Grandma Searle is doing better. Enjoy spending time with everyone while they are still home. :)
Love ya and take care!!
Elder Searle