Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Transfers (1-13-14)


So Elder Cortez and I are still in Greenview, he didn't get his Visa so he is here for another transfer. Since it is a new transfer, we use a new planner and I left my old planner, that had what I did for the week, at home. I can't remember everything we did for the week very well...I need my old planner!

This week we got some lessons in, the most we've had the whole time we have been here! We taught most of the lessons just on the front porches of the houses.

It's been pretty warm here, it's like 40 degrees so it's been nice to just wear my suit.

So one of our lessons was with Paul, he was member growing up and then just stopped going. We went to his house to talk with his wife who has cancer. He answered the door and talked to us. He is really big into history and has studied all the different religions. He kept telling us that Moses didn't really cross the Red Sea, it was another sea he crossed. Then he went into talking about dinosaurs and this other stuff. I'm not sure if he'll come back but who knows. :) At least he talked to us.

On Thursday we went on splits so I went over to the Council Bluffs area for the day.  I got to drive, it was really strange because first off, I haven't driven a car for awhile and second....I'm not used to a small car. It went well, until I got an "aggressive driver" by the Tiwi box we all have in our cars. A huge van was parked in front of the STOP sign, and I slammed on the brakes when Elder Riley yelled stop sign! It's all good though, you have to get a few of those in a short amount of time to get your driving privilege's taken away. :)

The 4 people who said they would show up for church....didn't show up, we were really sad about that. :(

Take Luck!!!

Love Elder Searle