Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Almost a year!!

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty good, going to try to make this quick because I got a ton of emails this week. So some sweet things happened this week, we found a new investigator and he is 18. He's a really cool kid and we found him skateboarding outside of our place. We taught him twice, set him for baptism and then had to turn him over to the Cottonwood Elders because he doesn't live in our area. It kinda sucks but hey...we're all on the same team!

We also got a referral from church HQ about a part member family that lives in base housing and they are super golden! They are both linguist, he speaks Russian and she reads Chinese. They both came to church, which was awesome! Remember there hasn't been an investigator for like 4-5 months now, so not only was it good for us, but also good to show the ward we are trying.

We had a crazy conversation with a guy, he knew stuff about Joseph Smith and Moroni and then went on about how they saw the blue light and that he talks to aliens and how 3 of them came down and talked to him. We had a good laugh!

Guess who's in the ward choir again!! Yep! ME!!!  Why do I have to get companions that sing really well!! LOL I kid, it was pretty fun and we got some treats after for practicing, so that's good.

It is starting to get cold here!!

Thanks to everyone that emailed me this week....I think it's the most emails I've received since being out, so thank you!! Have a good week everyone! Love ya!!

Love, Elder Searle