Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Year Mark/Mission Tour

Dear Family,

Good ole' winter has finally decided to hit us and it's not being very nice to us. Right now it's 11 degrees with a high of 17 and a low of 4, but you have to add the humidity and wind chill and it's pushing 0 right now. We are staying warm, right now we're emailing at the computers at our apartment complex and I'm wearing shorts and Elder Jacobson is wearing shorts and flip-flops. The office lady made fun of us, she said "where are your coats! It's freezing outside!" Our apartment and the office are pretty close so we were only outside a minute.

Monday our P-day we went shopping and found some killer deals. I got a new tie at JC Penny's for $4, I couldn't pass that up! Then we went to Goodwill and I found a pair of shoes that fit me and they are BROWN!! I've been looking for a pair of brown shoes and finally found some and they aren't bad. Then my Mr Mac stuff showed up and it was like Christmas in November!!! To top the day off, we ate at a families home and they made Cafe Rio Salad and it was sooooooo good!!!

On year mark!! I spent the whole day in Lincoln with Elder Brent H. Nielson of the 70. It went really well and I learned a lot! He had us print off 3 talks to prepare us for it. 2 of the talks were by Elder Bednar and the other talk was by this Elder....I didn't even realize it was his talk until he said "ok, now if you'll pull out my talk we will talk about it" and I was like..."OH, now it all makes sense." lol

He talked mostly about the Atonement and how it's not just for the bad to become good but for the good  to become better. He said most of us don't realize that the Atonement is for all of us, not just for those that do those "common sins" like smoking, drinking etc. but for everyone. Everyone can become better and improve.

Afterwards, we drove all the way back and had dinner with the Bishop's family who are awesome!!

On Friday, we had a pretty cool experience, we were walking in the snow down a busy road and we had been walking for a while so we had snow building up on our shoulders and backpacks. This random dude pulled up and asked if we wanted a ride, so we jumped in and found out he isn't a member. He is Lutheran and had 2 exchange students with him. He asked us we wanted to go get some coffee or hot chocolate before he dropped us off. We both thought...YES!! Teach this man about the Word of Wisdom!  So we were like, "we don't drink coffee but we would have some hot chocolate". He said "oh dangit!! I messed that one up and forgot you Mormons don't drink the good stuff!" We laughed and he bought us some hot chocolate. He then asked if we had a place to go for Thanksgiving and he invited to come eat with him that day. How crazy is that?! Some random dude that we don't know inviting us. He lives in base housing in our area and so we totally can. Super Cool Day!!

Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference. Somewhere in the week, we texted a less active and asked if we could come over, he said we could and they had a little band. They had a singer, 2 people on guitar a bass player and a crappy drummer.

I hope I talked about everything I wanted too, took me like the whole hour to write this email, either I'm slow at typing or I actually wrote a good email for once!

Have a good week everyone!! Love y'all!!

Elder Searle

 new shoes!! These are the same shoes, just one pair a little more worn

 on my wall at the apartment

 My companion, Elder Jacobson
All the ties I've accumulated!