Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chilly Week

Dear Family,

I actually had a really good and enjoyable week and a lot of good stuff went on. So to start it off, on Monday we went to the mall, again...we have gone to different malls like 3-4 P-days now. We found some cool skinny ties at American Eagle and my companion thought it would be a good idea if the 6 of us all had matching ties to wear to Zone Conference later in the week. Then he thought it would be a good idea that since 4 of us wear glasses, that all of us should wear glasses with our matching ties to Zone Training.

After our P-day is over, we've been going over to see a family that moved in when I got here. We bring our free Papa Murphy's pizza and they make a little food and we play games and visit with them.

Tuesday, I made myself a Purple Cow made me really happy! :)

Wednesday, we went over to this older ladies house and she is always throwing a party with the older folks in her complex and they stitch hats and gloves and all that jazz that old ladies like to do. She gave me one of the hats that she made! It is really cool, it's blue and black and I took a selfie with me wearing it.

Thursday, I finally solved the Rubix's Cube!! My companion has been trying to teach me for 2 weeks and I gave up and quit like 6 times, but that day...I finally solved it. I was really excited. We had our Zone Training meeting this day and so us 6 South-Siders wore our matching ties and our glasses and we looked really classy. :_

Saturday was a full day of service, we spent 8 hours and laid a concrete pad and then laid bricks down by the sidewalk. They fed us both breakfast and lunch and would have fed us dinner, but we already had dinner plans.

Sunday I had to give a talk in sacrament...yep, even as a missionary I'm still scared to speak in sacrament. They had me as the youth speaker though, so that was good. The highlight of Sunday was being invited to a home and being able to see the Short's. It was awesome!! Nora saw us walking and she ran inside and yelled "Big Teddy Bear is here!" We talked to them for an hour before we had to go but it was really good to see them again. Then when we left, Nora gave me a big hug and that just made my week. :)

This week has been chilly, like I actually had to grab a jacket it was that cold...and it has rained a lot.

Hope all is well with you guys!!

Love Elder Searle