Sunday, September 28, 2014

Transfer Week

Dear Family,

Not much happened this week because of transfers. Elder Quayle and I are still together but our district got moved around. We spent one day saying goodbye to people, we also went to the departing testimony meeting which was really cool. We all wore our matching pink ties again and one of the sisters really liked the ties and she took a picture of us. We had to say goodbye to Elder Abad, he is going home to the Philippines.

On Monday we did a zone activity and we went to the park and played games like sand volleyball, soccer, basketball, Frisbee and kick ball. It was pretty fun and most of our zone was there so that was awesome. It was something different for us to do and it was fun!

On Friday we went to the Trail Center since they do firesides on Friday nights and for this one, they were watching Ephraim's Rescue, and this was like the only time we could watch a movie so we went. Most of the Elders were there so I got to meet up with some old friends and it was really fun.

On Saturday we were knocking and knocking on doors and we knocked on this one house that was a bit run down and a dude with an eye patch opened the door. He didn't want anything to do with us, but he looked just like a pirate. :)

Sunday was a good day, that night we got a ride home with a dude that just put a brand new engine in his Volkswagen because he blew up his last one after installing a brand new turbo charger and it blew his engine up.

This was really about it this week with transfers, I have been practicing the Rubik's cube and I keep getting better at it.

Hope all is going well with everyone, I am doing better. Getting along better with my companion and we are starting to have a good time that's always good!!

Love you guys!! Have a great week!!

Love Elder Searle