Thursday, April 2, 2015

Crazy Adventures

Dear Family,

Hey Hey everyone! So this week has been full of different adventures and excitement! To start out the week, we went on exchanges Tuesday and Wednesday and while exchanging back on Wednesday, we went to the other elders apartment and they set up a fort and flipped everything over and they started throwing stuff at us. So it turned into a giant war! They got it on video so hopefully sometime I can upload it for you.

Thursday is where the adventure starts. So we were going around trying people who are usually home and none of them were home! We were joking around saying "what would happen if they aren't here?" happened.

We went walking a bit and realized the way we were heading was leading to the wrong place, so we just walked back to the car and were looking at the list of names. As I was typing stuff into the GPS, Elder Hansen was like "holy cow man...look!" This white van was hauling down the cobblestone street in the middle of town.

We were watching it and were like "I don't think it's slowing down" as it was approaching a stop sign. It didn't slow down or anything and it hit the bumpy intersection going 40+ miles and she jumped the van! It hit the first bump, then slammed the bottom of the van on the ground, then flew into the air on another bump. The rear of the van was at least 6-7 feet in the air!! Then when the van landed, it veered right and slammed into the corner of a house. That was better though because she would of slammed into the car in front of her. So we witnessed all of it, Elder Hansen drove us while I called 911. The car that she almost hit just heard a loud crash and stopped, but they didn't see anything, we went to see if she was ok. It was an older lady and she wasn't wearing her seat belt. :(

Elder Hansen said she was awake and had both hands on the wheel when she went by so we don't know what happened. We both got a little look at her in her crashed car, in my mom's email a week earlier, she mentioned she had been through something kinda traumatic and she couldn't get the image out of her head, so I looked at her to see if she was breathing...and she was!!!As far as we know, she is doing ok, she did break her leg and might have some neck problems. We had to stay and wait there to fill out the police report and most likely will be getting calls from insurance people. Hope she'll be ok.

Then we were like "well, now what do we do?" So we went and cooled down at DQ and had a blizzard. Also that night, we had dinner with an older investigator and he thought you could just microwave food that really needed to be cooked in the oven for like 70 min. So we just shot the breeze with him for a while.

Friday we helped at the Food Net again, we got more free food and a dude came in and was like "It's snowing!!" was snowing for a little bit. Then we were seeing a member in Utica and saw two semi's hauling helicopters, so I got a pic of that.

Saturday we had breakfast at the St. John Lutheran Church with an older dude. We were helping him move stuff so he took us to the Waffle Man Breakfast and we pigged out on waffles forever! Then we saw a tree that was carved like a beaver, so I also took a pic of that. 

Then we went and had dinner with a new family that moved in and they just let us in. We were talking to the kids when one of them came running up with a ferret! Elder Hansen was like "what the heck is that?!" They said they have 5 ferrets, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and like 38 bunnies! It was crazy!! I did get to hold little bunnies so it was worth it. :)

ALSO!! For the first time in my life...a stupid squirrel threw his darn acorns at my head!!! It was so funny!! It hadn't happened to me so I was caught off guard. Those little guys can throw better than what I thought...stupid little critters...

That's my crazy week, all is going well with me and I'm excited for General Conference and Easter!!! It's going to be awesome!! We'll most likely go watch it at our church building, but, hopefully we can go to homes to watch it. 

Love you all!!

Elder Searle