Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunflower Seeds

Dear Family,

Recap for this week, went to some kids soccer game, taught mission prep, helped out at a potato bake, jumped on a Super Thunder Trampoline, sunflower seeds, upstairs neighbors in a yelling argument that woke us up at 2 in the morning and resulted in the husband/boyfriend leaving, getting gift cards, moving freezers and a couple three miracles of people coming to church! 

On Tuesday, we went and watched 2 brothers play their second to last soccer game. They are 9 and 10 years old and they were really glad we came. It was super cold and we were the only two dorks without coats or jackets. We could have gotten our suit coats because those were in the car, but we were like, we are already the weird ones here in white shirts and ties and don't want to look any weirder so we just pushed through the cold!

Wednesday we taught mission prep and it went ok. They had the young men in this time and it's hard to keep the younger ones quiet, but it went well. We went over everything for baptism and preparing people and how to do that and everything.

Thursday, I finally found a way to help me stay awake while driving forever...sunflower seeds!!! So we now have a big ol' bag in the car and we just spit seeds during the ride. I'm going to need it tomorrow because we are going on exchanges so I'll have to drive into Lincoln for District Meeting, exchange comps, drive back to Seward, work for a bit, then drive clear up to Utica because that is where our baptism lives, then drive back to Milford....that's a lot of driving!!

We also got to listen to our upstairs neighbors get into a fight, all we know is that she was hanging out with another guy and went to a bar. So yep, moral of the story, don't go to bars. We could hear her before we went to bed on the phone crying and angry, then about 2 in the morning her and her boyfriend/husband were going at it and he slammed the door and left. I guess they worked it out or something because he finally came back a few days later. So that was fun...not.

For dinner that night though, we went to a families house and it's a good thing he came and got us because they live in Friend, which is a ways away. They are awesome!!We played basketball and I got to jump on a Super Thunder Trampoline, it was legit!! One of the kids actually super jumped me and it scared the crap out of me...I don't think even Travis has gotten me that high. They have an 8 year old who is super super super, like super smart. He will ask us math questions and we just have to answer saying that we haven't been in school for a while...he loves to read the scriptures, he would read it all day long and he actually corrected us while sharing a message.

On Friday, we did the normal help out at the Food Net and someone slipped an envelope in our box of food we were taking and it had $25 gift card and $25 in cash for us. Then at church someone gave us both $10 Subway cards!! :D After Food Net, we went and helped Mark load up some freezers and take them to a new home. So we went to the farm where he works and loaded up a big ol' forklift and his big old 5500 flatbed pickup and we helped him move them. I didn't get a good picture of us helping him, but I did take a selfie at the farm. :)  I also got a picture of Grandma H, we go over there every week and she will tell us stories for the first while, while we try to stay awake, then she will teach us something new to try and cook. Then we will read the scriptures with her. We just wanted to get a picture with her because her health is really up and dead and we wanted to make sure we had one of her.

Our baptism date girl is doing well, she is set for baptism May 9th. We went over and were talking to her and she said that her dad said would all come to church!! So he came and brought the other two and that was awesome!!! Hopefully he will finally have a desire to stop smoking so that he can baptize the two boys. Then at church, we had a less active show up that totally surprised us, she has told us a lot that she would come but looks like her time behind bars for a bit gave her some time to think and hopefully she will keep making steps to change!!

This week should be fun as well seeing how we have exchanges. You guys will have to start getting questions ready for Mother's Day Skype, I will let you guys know the info on that, when I know.

Love you all!!

Love, Elder Searle