Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter/General Conference

Dear Family,

Hello everyone! This week was full of rain, hail, exchanges on top of exchanges, service at Meals on Wheels & Food Net, having a tree land on me, General Conference, Easter and a basketball/water balloon fight!

To start off the week, we went on exchanges with the University Young Single Adult Zone Leaders and Elder Hook came to Seward with me. We had a pretty good day and went back to back to people to see so that made it nice. One of the guys we saw is an older rail road dude that the missionaries have been seeing for years. So last week when we saw him, I tried leaving him with a homework assignment, to read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon, like what missionaries do, but I guess he didn't like it. He said I was being a salesman like another missionary did and just ripped me. Afterwards Elder Hook was like, don't worry about it, you did what we're supposed to be doing etc. I was like I know, but still. 

Wednesday!! Another exchange but this time with the Mahoney Elders and I went there with Elder Packer, not older apostle Packer...just little Packer and we had a blast! He goes home soon so this was his last exchange. We went and helped a dude cut down some trees in the middle of nowhere. I can't say up in the mountains because there aren't any mountains here...but rolling hills area so I was kinda in the mountains?? It was pretty fun, since we couldn't use chainsaws we used an ax and while we were waiting while he fixed the chainsaw... we beat the snot out of the tree. It was pretty fun and quite the adventure, then he was cutting this one tree and his chainsaw got pinched, so I went in there and pushed the tree off and it was all good, caught a branch to the side while I was running away but no harm. Then it happened again so I pushed the tree a little more and this time the top of the tree came down and landed on me. Got just a few scratches..which we got a lot of during this service project because we were in shorts. 

Then the next day, the Mahoney Elders had Meals on Wheels that they help out with and their investigator had a baptism interview with the mission president at the same time so our comps went there and Elder Packer and I did Meals on Wheels. You get driven around and you take meals to elderly people who aren't able to get out. If they don't answer the door, then you have to call them, if they don't answer you, you see if the door is unlocked, then you take the food in and you check to make sure they didn't fall or anything. Luckily everyone answered this time so we didn't have to worry about that.

General Conference- We watched all the sessions at different homes. It was a great conference and a lot of fun since we watched it with some families. Holy Cow, did they drill on the marriage part...that doesn't help any missionaries at all. ;)

We actually had an Easter Dinner as well, it was right at the last minute but it worked! After we ate we always play PIG or HORSE with their daughter who is 0-9 beating us. Elder Hansen won the first one then it was her and I and she wanted to have a bet, whoever wins gets to throw a water balloon at the other. DEAL!! I won!! :)  I wasn't going to throw a water balloon at a girl so I just popped it on her head when she wasn't expecting. Then it started a water balloon fight with squirt guns, but I won!! Elder Hansen was just chillin' with the adults laughing at us, but it was fun.

I'm doing well, I really do love it here in Seward. Milford is alright, the cow smell is still weird because it's not all the time so you don't get used to it. We also have a train go by every 10 min. so that's fun!

I sent a picture of our study room, at a garage sale, I bought a little bookcase thingy for $5 then that giant picture she sold to me for $5. That picture is huge! Either I got the picture for a steal or I paid way too much for the bookcase. lol! The other picture is of the missionary going home (being killed off).

Our days are pretty much day to day, people here are so chill and don't really set appointments but they are usually home when we try them. Transfers are this week, something might happen, but I doubt it. 

So that was my week, now the weather for the whole week is pretty much RAIN!! :'(  Rain rain go away, you are going to make the cow farm next to Milford STINK!!! :(

Love you all!!

Elder Searle