Monday, April 13, 2015

17 Month Mark

Dear Family,

This week has been full of everything. I'll just quote what President Weston started out with in his email this week. "Everyone in the mission got what they wanted last week weather-wise..with days that were sunny and warm, cold and snowy, thunder and rainy, windy and mild. Welcome to Nebraska all of you new missionaries! There is no better place to be than in the Best Mission in the World!" That about sums it all up. We had nice sweaty days to days where it didn't rain but it mist for about 3 days, then it snowed! Then it went back up to 80* degrees!! Welcome to Nebraska!

To start out the week, my companion got a cat thrown at him. Yep, a cat, we went and met with a family that kinda runs the Food Net and he Larps, which is live action role play. So he was showing us all of his weapons and shields and his chain mail that he is working on and he was telling us about this red ball which is a fire ball. You have to say "fireball" 10 times to charge it, so Elder Hansen charged it then threw it at the 16 year old daughter, which should have been a 1 shot kill but she didn't like it. So she picked up the cat and threw it at him. Now I could lie and say that the cat clawed him, but I won't... it didn't do anything. Elder Hansen threw himself backwards on the couch and smacked his head on the wall pretty good though.

We also had a mist for like 3 days, it was annoying because it wasn't ever like raining but it wasn't sunny either, so that was fun. Then on snowed!! What the heck?! We were running low on miles that day so we walked all day!! BUT...we found a new investigator that way!!We were walking and were like,  it's cold, so we walked into a little thrift store then left, then walked into another thrift store and found a little basketball hoop that counts when you make it!!We started talking to the older lady that worked there and she was like "I saw on TV about Jesus coming to the Americas, do you know anything about that?" Oh we sure do!! So we told her about the Book of Mormon and she started crying!!!! It was awesome!! So we are going back to the shop this week and we will see what happens!!!

Saturday was a day full of helping a family clean up their yard. We helped out with that and then we took 2 truck loads out to this farm where he showed us everything and was bouncing us all over the place because he was hauling butt in his field. (which was awesome!) So we did that, got some sun which is great because my companion and I both look like Casper the Ghost! Then on Sunday we got the first thunderstorm of the season!! Whoot!! Storm season here we go!!

Love you all!!
Love, Elder Searle

 Selfie with a dog that followed us

Church & Yoga

 Elder Packer from last week's service