Sunday, March 1, 2015

Party and Zzzzzz

Howdy Y'all!!

This week consists of getting a referral for "Papa Bear" at the hospital, throwing a birthday party after district meeting, gave a blessing on a house to get rid of the evil spirits (spooky), helped someone move and getting super sick and sleeping for 14 hours.

Lets start with Papa Bear, his daughter sent us to see him, he had surgery on his toes, like cut off and is going through some other things as well. He is a funny dude, or maybe just the meds he was on?? We are going to see him again tonight, we're just mainly talking to him and keeping him company. His brother in law was there and he is a big dude, like 350 lbs. and he was in a  turbo charged
Wal-Mart shopping cart thing, he kept dozing off on it though and kept almost hitting his head on the steering wheel, we tried not to laugh but then he almost fell off it. We had a good laugh with him. :)

We had a call from a member living in the projects that wanted us to come and bless their house because they have been hearing some strange noises and have seen some evil spirits. I've never given a blessing on a home before so that was a first for me. We brought a member with us and as soon as we started the prayer, we could hear this weird screech, screaming was so weird!!! My companion heard it too!! I was so spooked. There were 2 guys upstairs in the home while we were downstairs giving the prayer and one of the guys upstairs has some health problems and was in the bathroom, except he didn't close the door and then we could hear him! The member kept his cool but it was so hard for my companion and I to keep our cool. Something strange/funny has to always happen.

Saturday night my head was on fire. I had a terrible fever that hit me like a ton of bricks and my head was killing me! We finished up our lesson and went home and I just crashed, I slept for a long time...or it felt like it and it was only an hour. I had the shivers so bad, it was the longest night of my life. Since we had church the next day I slept until noon, got up and made some chicken noodle soup that my grandma sent me a while ago and got ready and I was feeling much better. I made it through church and had a good time there.

So it was another fun week, this week should be a good one, we should have a baptism on Thursday, we are also going to the soup kitchen, the library and the Goodwill again for service, we will also work with Shauna every day till her baptism.

Thanks for everyone's emails!!

Love you all!!

Elder Searle