Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Week

Dear Family,

So this week we didn't see as many people as last week but it was still a good week. We did a lot of walking in this humidity that just hits you like a ton of bricks. It's fun, let me tell you..and you don't dry out...once you get wet you stay wet...but it's all good. I've lost more weight which I'm pretty sure is because of all the sweat that just runs off my body. I'm just glad my companion sweats like a mad man too!

On Wednesday we had our district meeting out in Bellevue and it went pretty well. We then went to this taco truck because the owners really like the missionaries. They aren't members and are happy where they are right now, but they really like missionaries and they give us free burritos the size of a baby! So we are going to go there every other Wed and get free food! They were super good and the couple that ran the truck are pretty chill.

On Thursday we went and visited some people with our ward mission leader as the team-up. The couple we visited went really well and they seem to be doing really well. The other guy we went and saw was drunk and he was really mean to us. We're pretty sure he was mean because he was drunk so we just shared a simple message and then we left.

On Friday, the 4th we did our weekly planning and then we do what we do every Fri. and we went to get our free papa murphy's pizza, which I'm kinda tired of now. We knew the guy that was working at this store and he let us in and got our pizza. We can get a free family size one topping pizza, but this dude hooked us up and loaded everything on it so that was a nice change. We then went home and saw some people we knew that were doing fireworks so we watched those. We went back to weekly planning and then walked around until about 5:30pm. We then went to the bishop's house and they were grilling and there were 5 other families that came so that was really cool.

I was just sitting there after eating outside and was like...I've been here long enough that just about everyone here I would consider my family, so that was really cool. The kids really like me too, so that's cool. :) We played flag football and were just all talking with everyone until it got dark. They then started to do fireworks, which are like 20 times better than ours, we were only there for the start of them, then we had to that was sad. It was like a war zone here with all the fireworks, so we just watched all the fireworks around our place.

Saturday, the day after the 4th, the town was like a ghost town and everyone that was out were either higher than a kite or drunker than drunk, so that was interesting. We started counting how many cops and bunnies we saw, I saw 5 cops and my companion counted 35 that was our joy! :P

We are helping a lady out that has cancer, she was in the hospital for 11 days and her surgery didn't go as planned, so we're helping her out.

So that was pretty much my week..

Love Elder Searle