Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crazy Week!

Dear Family,

Here is my week-

Monday-We had the Glenwood Elders come and hang out with us at our super hot house. It was over 90* outside and no A/C AND you add the humidity to that and you just want to die. We played Munchkins with them, super fun! We then had dinner at a families house which was awesome, you just feel like you are a part of their family, and every time we are over, they usually have their family over, so there are like 12-14 of us each time we go.

Tuesday-We went and tried a referral, they liked to talk and talk and talk :)

Wednesday-We helped a lady move, we did this after a district meeting that day. We helped move for over 7 hours. Her brothers and sisters didn't help at all, we helped them unload everything at her parents home and her brothers were just drinking and smoking away while we helped move them.

Thursday-We were walking around trying to teach people, with no luck, so we decided to stop at this guys house. We wanted to cool off and see him, so we knocked on his door and he told us to come in. We went in and he had already fallen asleep. We were just standing there and he was out! So we were just chillin' there then we finally kinda yelled and woke him up, he told us to come back in a bit when he was more awake. We went back later to visit him and he was still out, it was kinda funny.

We then went and saw a really cool LA family and they were so fun to visit. We talked about trusting God and the mom was like "Swiper (my nickname) you really can teach! Look how much better you are now!" so that was super cool to hear! :) We then had dinner with another family and they are HUGE hunters and we had elk for dinner, it was super good! :D

Friday-My companion and I need to learn how to communicate better with each other, we worked out some problems we had. After that, we went and helped a family move out of Village Green, that was fun! A lot of members were there helping, a lot of them live right in Village Green but it was good to show the members that we are there to help.

Saturday-We saw a good amount of people today, they all went well. We then went and had dinner, some YSA ward members slipped $20 in my pocket so that paid for dinner. We then gave the YSA Elders a hard time because they rarely get fed and here we were getting fed.

My comp and I got dropped off and were walking around when we saw this homeless guy sitting in an empty parking lot. I waved at him and he called us over. We got talking to him and he was saying how his house used to be there and he just rides around on his bike now. We got talking about the Book of Mormon and he was showing us his Bible, that he stole from the library. He has a little pull behind thingy for his bike and we noticed he had all of his stuff in there, we saw he had a guitar. He said he was selling it for $25, he asked if I wanted it and I was like no, I don't know how to play, he asked my companion if he wanted it, but he said he didn't know how to play either, but he gave it to us anyway. It is missing a string but it isn't a bad guitar. It was pretty sweet we got a guitar from a drunk homeless dude. We walked around, waiting for our ride to pick us up and we had to pass all these bars with a guitar. I took some pics for ya!  lol

I gotta run, tell everyone hi!!

Love, Elder Searle