Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference

Dear Family,

So this week as you know, was General Conference, which was sweet. They broadcast it to every stake center, so we went there to watch it. There were like 5 other people that weren't missionaries there. Keowa came with us for the two sessions on Saturday, so that was pretty sweet. He isn't feeling too well, so he stayed home for the Sunday ones. I bet he is feeling pretty drained right now. Having an investigator watch two sessions is pretty sweet, I told him that's more that what I usually watch! So that made him laugh. Keowa is getting baptized on Saturday, which I'm super excited for. He wants me to baptize him, so that's even more exciting!

I can't really remember what all happened this week, I left my planner home!! We did sit at the stake center for 10 hours the past two days. This week has been pretty wet which kinda sucked. It was raining for a bit Wednesday so we just went out in our light jackets, well then it started to snow and the temp dropped super fast. Good thing we had an appointment and were only outside for 2 hours. I guess we should have been more prepared.

I got some sweet pictures that I took that I'm going to upload right now.

I promise a better letter next week! LOL

Love, Elder Searle