Friday, March 7, 2014

New Changes

Council Bluffs & Sioux City Zone Conference (February 2014) 

This week has been interesting, a lot of new changes with my new companion Elder Daines. He's from Logan so not too far from Morgan! He came from serving 6 months at the University YSA ward, so he's not used to knocking on doors like we have to do here.

It's been different too because we were both sick. I was sick Tuesday night and all day Wednesday with a terrible cold. My companion was sick Wednesday night and got worse on Friday. On Thursday we had to drive up to Sioux City, which is 2 hours away and we were there all day.

This week, most of the people that we did get to see were less actives that are in the ward. We are trying to help the ward/less actives out a lot more this transfer because the Bishop feels like that would help the ward out. You have to take care of the people that you do have, before you go out and bring new people in. So we have been focusing on that a lot! One of the families we saw used to be in the Council Bluffs ward when my companion was first here, so that is great! Brother Downing said that when it warms up, he is going to make some BBQ wings for us! Hopefully he won't throw in any Ghost Peppers since those are his favorite....he tells us stories about people eating them all the time at the restaurant he works at and it's 10 times worse than that Triple Atomic I had!!

Sunday we went to choir practice again, my companion thinks it would be good for us to work with the ward and gain their trust, which is great, except it sucks when I don't really have a singing voice...but my companion can sing really well!

So really not much went on this week with us both sick, next week should be a lot better!

Oh, the Bishop's family are making me a cake for my birthday! lol They said since it's Captain Crunch's special day, that they will bake me a cake. I'm not sure if I ever told you the nicknames they game me? The mom calls me Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch and Special K. She gave me Special K because I wasn't catching the frisbee very well one time and I was throwing it like crap so she said I'm Special K because I'm a "little" special!! lol

Love, Elder Searle