Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Transfer #3

So my new companion is Elder Daines, he has been out for 21 months. That means I will be here for at least 1-2 more transfers. My companion was a Zone Leader in Lincoln before he came here to be a District Leader. He started his mission in Council Bluffs so he has an idea what is around here.

So this week I had to wait for a temporary companion, Elder Linn came down from South Dakota and was my companion for a few days. He was really funny. We have this house that is across the street a little bit from us that has broken windows and is just really scary looking. I guess it's been left like that for 2-3 years now. Anyway, Elder Linn really wanted to knock on the door, so we went over at 8:30pm and he knocked on the door, then he just walked right in...there was no way I was going in but then he freaked out and told me to come in, so I did. You could tell animals had been there, the stove had about an inch of dust and crap on it and there were boxes of food that had been eaten by something! There were bullet holes through out the house, so that was pretty sketchy...Late night tracking on a house that has been abandoned, isn't really that great of a thing to be doing, but it was fun!!

I spent pretty much a day and a half at the mission office waiting for companions. I was there all day Friday and half of Monday, so we really didn't get much teaching done this week.

But we were able to teach Keowa twice this week, we also played ping pong with him and Miranda, which was really fun and crazy. They also fed us so we were there for a while. We taught him about the commandments and that went really well. After we went and tried to visit some people across the street, then we headed home. On our way home, Keowa pulled out on the highway too, so we kinda decided to race him, I got an RPM violation from the Tiwi box, lol, but it was worth it!! ( mom sent an email about this to him...boys!)

This is pretty much my week, sitting at the mission office, going into abandoned houses and racing people, it was a good week!!

Love Elder Searle