Sunday, February 2, 2014

Investigators (1-27-14)

So I'm going to talk about some of our investigators that we found and are teaching-

One guy we found outside working on his car. We got to talking with him and he told us he just got laid off of work and his car broke down. He said his faith in Christ wasn't very strong, especially since he just lost his job and all these other things that are happening to him. So we went back and taught him a little on the Restoration and he said he'd read the pamphlet we left him. We went back on Sunday and taught him again! He was telling us that the day after we stopped and talked to him, that his week just got so much better! He got a call and he most likely will get a new and better job than he had before. He found a new engine for his car that was super cheap and he was really happy about that. He wants to learn more and liked how things got so much better for him after talking to us. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and about Prophets, we plan on seeing him Wednesday so hopefully he is reading.

Another person we are teaching is a 15 year old boy, I've talked about him before and he's a pretty cool kid. We taught him on Thursday night, and that's when we do splits so I got to teach him with a High Council member and it was nice to have him with me since I'm still not used to teaching. But we set baptism for the end of February so hopefully he can work towards that.

We got to teach another family, she didn't know anything about our church but she said we could come and teach her. She really likes how we have different programs for the youth and she really wants her daughter to go to them.

Another man we found, we found him while we were shoveling driveways. He came out and helped us finish and said we could come back and see him. We tried a few times to see him but he was always busy, but we finally got in and we were able to answers their questions. They wanted to know if this is a school that we are doing and just questions about our mission. They said we could come back.

Anyway, there's some background on the people we are teaching. We have 6 people set for baptism and not a single one of them came to church on Sunday. We do have a chili cook off on Friday and we invited a lot of people to that, so hopefully they will come to that, THEN we can take them on a tour of the church, so they won't be lost when they finally do come to church.

Overall, it was a pretty good week, take luck!

Love, Elder Searle