Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hot Week!!!

So on Tuesday, we went to Quackers for lunch and we pigged out on all the wings there. The hottest sauce there is the Triple Atomic Sauce and you have to sign a waiver before you can even order it, and you have to pay $1.50 extra because the sauce just comes in a little bottle so you have to pay for the whole thing. Anyway, last month there were some Elders that tried it, so this month, I decided to try it so I can say that I did it! So ya....Hottest Thing Ever!!!!! I had one of the other Elders record it with my camera so you guys can watch my face turn bright red and the tears going down my face. It only burned like no other for 10 min. then it was fine...except the 2 days following. ;)

Elder Cortez was sick all of Tuesday, so after Quackers, we just went home and watched some movies that we have, like the Restoration and Legacy. It also snowed like crazy this day and I got to be the driver since my companion was sick and another Elder had his driving privileges taken away and the other Elder doesn't like driving in the snow. I behaved for the most part, did some drifting in a parking lot. :)

Wednesday we taught Cody- 15 year old boy again. We mostly talked about what he read in the Book of Mormon, which was Lehi's dream, so we talked about the iron rod and the tree. It went pretty well, he also stayed for the young men/young women combined activity, they played Minute To Win It games and Elder Cortez and I stayed and watched them play games.

Thursday we had splits so I went and taught the Kozack's again, I felt like we had a decent lesson, we taught them about the Book of Mormon and how she could receive an answer. A lot of crazy things happened while we were there. Their daughter was yelling and swearing at us and her husband was drunk and drinking, so we had to deal with that for a little bit. We went back on Saturday to check on them, she said she'd call us if she needs help with anything.

Friday we went and taught Keowa, he is 18 and we talked about how the Book of Mormon is the evidence we have that we can find out for ourselves if this is the true church. They also fed us dinner so we were there a while.

Saturday no one let us in most of the day. We did have an appointment with Daniel so we were able to teach him again. I felt like crap this day, but I still went out.

Sunday we had Cody and Keowa show up for church!!! It was nice because we haven't had anyone show up for a while. Cody really seemed to enjoy it and he was telling us how he will have to get a white shirt and tie for the next time he comes!!!

So Elder Cortez leaves Monday, February 17th. :/ He finally got his Visa and that is the day he leaves. I will be staying with the Kanesville Elders for a day or two until I get my new companion.

So there's my weekly report!!

Love Elder Searle