Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Birthday Boy! :D

Feb. Zone Conference 2014 Elder Searle and Elder Schofield

Dear Family,

Hard to believe I'm 19 today, it seems so weird to say! I just hope that when I tell people my age, they won't freak out as much anymore. I would tell people that I'm 18 and they would be like "you are still a baby!!!"

On Monday we had a super awesome lesson with Keowa. Super awesome and super cool!! Elder Daines said it's in the top 3 best lessons taught, so that was pretty cool.

Elder Schofield from Kanesville had been having a hard time this week so we went on exchanges with him. Elder Daines went with him for 2 days. He had been having a hard time before and we thought it was his companion, which was part of it, but I guess his dads health hasn't been doing very well and he was worried about him.

Turns out his dad had a stroke while he was flying to Seattle and he was put in the hospital for a few days. He had a 50/50 chance to make it, and he didn't, he passed away on Saturday. Elder Schofield was on the phone with him when he passed away so he has been very down. He is putting on a good face but I can see him emailing his family right now and he is struggling to keep it together.

We stayed overnight with them on Saturday night, we went to the adult general conference with them, then we went and got ice cream and just played some card games until late. They stayed over with us last night, just so we could kind of keep an eye on him and help keep him busy. He is determined to stay out here. Our week mostly revolved around time in Kanesville, spending time with and keeping Elder Schofield busy.

We didn't have too many lessons this week, we taught Keowa three times though, we took him to a YSA baptism which was sweet. We taught him at the Becks because he is friends with their daughter. Keowa and Miranda are actually taking us for the day today and we are doing something with them. They won't tell me a thing and it's driving me nuts! I just know we'll be with them most of the day. I think we're going to the zoo, but I'm not sure...I will have to tell you guys next week what went down. Tomorrow night we are going over to the Bishop's house because they wanted to make me a cake. I'm going to save my party stuff you guys sent me until then, I bet the kids will have a blast with it!!

So that was my week...hopefully this week will go well since I think it's should nice all this week. I do hope so, yesterday was 70 and it was sooo nice!!Driving with the windows down and not freezing is sooo nice!!

Thanks for the birthday box, cd's chocolates and all the party stuff!!!

Love Elder Searle