Monday, July 20, 2015

Temple Trip

Dear Family,

We had a pretty crazy and packed week, we had something every other day so it was pretty crazy. We had zone training, temple trip and also a good ol' ride to Gresham. So let's start with the zone training, we had Matt, who comes out with us a lot, join us for the training. He is almost done with his mission papers and he is always coming out with us and I told him we had zone training and he hasn't been to one yet so he came with us! So that was pretty cool. Then that night, we had mission prep for the youth and we taught about how to keep the spirit in the companionship which was great because my boy got to share all the experiences he's had with his comps!! Oh wait..I'm his first ya...that was a fun lesson to teach. :)

Thursday we went to Utica and Gresham again and on our way's about a 10 mile dirt road, we stopped and took some "corny" pictures. :)  I haven't taken any yet and and wanted to make sure I got some before I forget and next thing I know, the corn is all cut. We also got some pics of us wearing some of Mark's chainmail that he used when he went larping. I forgot we had pictures of that.

Friday was our temple trip so that took most of our day. We had some fun for sure in the transfer van, which we named "The Space Shuttle". It's a 2015 Ford Transit van that really looks like a space ship. The temple trip was pretty awesome and when we were there, I saw Brother Dillion, who I lived with for 9 months when I was in Greenview. He was getting married again, I'm glad he recognized me, it was pretty cool to see him there.

Saturday we helped a drunk man chase his dog. We went to try some potentials and a guy was outside working and he was pretty wasted, but he opened his back gate to take his wheelbarrow out and one of his dogs ran out so we helped him track her down. She went a few blocks and it took us about half an hour, but we helped him get his dog back. So now my greenie has a funny story to tell!!

That's about it for our week, we did a lot of driving....I'm not sure if I mentioned in my last email, but I did some math and figured I have gone about 8k miles just here in Seward, so 8k  miles since March...SO MUCH DRIVING!! Then we found out Saturday night that we have a trainer-trainee meeting Tuesday and I guess they are picking us up at 2:30pm today and we are spending the night with some elders in Omaha. I'm not sure why they are picking us up that early but whatever. 

Elder Pacheco is getting his feel for things and starting to figure out that everything is not how it is in the MTC and that you don't just teach everyone and everything all the time. Things are going well so far! :) 

Love Elder Searle

 Elder Searle & Elder Pacheco
 "Corny Pics"

 Temple trip in the "space shuttle"
Elder Searle & Elder Jones