Monday, July 13, 2015

Got Me a Boy!!!

Hey hey hey everyone!! So as you all know, I had to get a new companion because for some reason they don't let you roll solo...So Thursday morning I was enjoying my nice peaceful shower when Elder Magleby came running in with our phone that was ringing from President Gardner. Oh no, you know if you get a call from him you are getting some type of leadership and come to find out, I'm training!!

 Elder Pacheco is now my son, that is what President Gardner told me when he called. He is from Arizona, plays football and his arms are the size of his legs! He is freakin' jacked!! He is a huge football player and baseballer and won the state championship one year and took second another and boy does he have greenie fire. I feel like we are now in basic training for the military, checking the planner after everyone we see, wants to just go and go and go and is not afraid of tracking at all. Like he will be like, let's try this house and then I look over my shoulder and he is already knocking on the door. WHICH IS GREAT!! We have found a couple three good potentials that we will be trying again and hopefully something will come from it!

So now about my adventure in the YSA ward. FHE was Monday night and was fun, we played some guessing game thing that you had to act out and we had banana splits so that was fun. We street contacted at the UNL campus for a while and it was pretty cool to be walking around campus seeing things. Because the YSA elder, Elder Magleby is the lone Zone Leader, I got to go with him to all 3 districts meetings, got to eat out with all the elders in the zone for lunch and was able to receive the same training from 3 different people which was pretty cool.

We sort of worked both areas, we were only in my area for two nights and we only saw 1 person each of those nights. The first one we saw in a boy named Chris, the YSA elders were teaching him but he moved in with his aunt in Milford so because Chris knew Elder Magleby they would be turning him over to us. Seeing how it's too far for them to drive to Milford all the time. He's a pretty cool kid and we will be seeing him again this week. One of the other nights we went and saw the Hensley's, we played basketball with them and then read from the Book of Mormon. It was really cool to have Elder Magleby  meet them and talk to them and I was able to get some good advice from him. 

So Friday night, I picked up Elder Pacheco @ 4:30pm and then we hightailed it back to Milford to help out at Foodnet. I really wanted to go and see Brandy since she had shoulder surgery on Wednesday. Afterwards the Dolzals were nice enough to feed us then we just used the rest of the time knocking on a few doors and getting all settled in. Then on Saturday we went around and tried to see everyone we see in Seward so that Elder Pacheco could meet them, we also got a text from the Hensley's saying we could go set up for Taylor's birthday party so we did that. Then we came back for the party because they said we could come eat food. 
So free food > buying food!

So this week is actually a very eventful week. We have zone training Wednesday  and a temple trip on Friday. Thursday night we are having dinner with the Vavra's up in Gresham and seeing another family in Utica. P-day all today and also mission prep on Wednesday, so busy busy!!

I also got my super trunks in the mail on Saturday...I need to get all the info so they can start getting my flight arrangements all figured out. It's super strange and starting to hit me that I'm almost done...the end of Elder Searle is soon at hand....BUT...I can't get too trunky because I have a greenie!! :)

Love Elder Searle

Gonna miss Elder Hansen, he was my companion the longest so far here

Elder Tausie

Elder Clark was my zone leader for 10 months

Good friend Elder Lake