Saturday, July 4, 2015

Adventures of Seward

Dear Family,

Oh boy, where do I even start? We had quite a few adventures this week. So our week started out eating cow heart. To be honest, it really wasn't bad. The only thing that was weird was that she cut it up all in front of us and everything...that and just the fact that you are eating a heart was kind of weird. Then that night we spent the night at the Mahoney Elders place since we are blitzing their area. 

So on Tuesday, Elder Hansen had to go get some things that he left in our car and so he took the keys and went outside and came back in and asked "where are you hiding the car at?" This is after he has already ran around the whole apartment complex hitting the panic button to find it. Well...our car disappeared....that darn thing got towed because we didn't have a parking pass. We have never had a problem before and same with the other elders that spend the night there a lot. So we had to go get our car out and that wasn't cheap...$134 to get it out....not a good way to start the day, especially since it has to come out of our own pockets. So Elder Hansen and I split the cost... not good it costs that much!

Wednesday we were taking our daily morning job around Milford and we saw the Thompsons working on their house. They are putting up new insulation so they were taking all the siding off their house. We helped them out, we pretty much took off all the siding on the front of the house. It was so hot and humid that sweat just rolled off of you. Then Thursday we went up by Gresham and helped the "V" family, it was great because we were able to talk to the husband a bit and get to know him a little better. We cleaned out the gutter to one of his shops and it was just packed with stuff!! We filled up a bucket and a skid loader, there was that much stuff! He also had some welding he had to do and he allowed Elder Hansen to do it which made his day because he loves welding.

We also have chiggers!! They are great!! Just little bugs that dig into your skin and live there. They itch like no other and you just dig the crap out of your skin. Poor Elder Hansen has about 7 on his back, 4 on his chest and a few on his legs. I just have 2 on my waist and one behind my knee and one where it shouldn't be.  ;)

They also take a couple three weeks to go away. Elder Hansen also had a dog throw up on him, it was mostly water, but still gross. The dog is so annoying though, she barks and barks and runs all over the place. You have to keep throwing her chew toy because she doesn't bark when she's chasing it. I think she just drank too much water and then all the running around made her sick. 

Also on Saturday night, Lynn and Alta came down to see Elder Hansen and to introduce her fiance'. They took us to Cafe' on the Square, it was pretty loud and funny and then you throw Elder Hansen in the group, it was pretty fun.

Sunday night was our Foodnet picnic for us since Elder Hansen is leaving us next week. It was soooo much fun!! Everyone that helps out at the Foodnet was there and a couple other random people. Ate some good food and enjoyed some good company. Then after the people starting leaving, just the main people were there, we started a water fight. We talked to some people for about 45 min. and answered some of their questions about the Book of Mormon and about family and it was really good! She has talked to the missionaries before and was kinda teasing us with some of the questions she had but they were awesome, I'm sure they will look into it a bit more.

I think that sums up the most exciting part of the week. This is Elder Hansen's last full week, seeing how they will come and pick him up next Monday. I will just be chillin with the Young Single Adult elder which is going to be so much fun! I will get to roam around the Lincoln campus and go to their FHE so I will be looking forward to that. 

Here is what we have planned for the 4th of July, watching the fire department water fight tournament at 9am, bed races at 10am and yes...they race beds on the streets! It's going to be so much fun to watch!! The air show is at 11am, auto show at 1pm, then the 2 hour long Grand Parade at 4pm, then we are going to see what we can figure out and try to watch the fireworks at 10pm. It's going to be so much fun here on the 4th!! Elder Hansen is calling it his retirement. Seward has about 8k people and the 4th of July bumps it up to 40k. Holy People!! We are just going to be walking around talking to people all day pretty much and enjoying all the stuff. :)

Love you all!!
Elder Searle