Tuesday, November 19, 2013

1st letters!

Dear Family,

These first 2 days have been rough. I'm going to start with the first day, the first day was weird but they are really good to help all the new missionaries get everything done. My companion is Elder Harda (pronounced hair-da) and is German. There are 4 of us to the room that can hold 6. One elder in my room, who I have no clue how to spell his name, is a convert. He has tattoos all over his arms, he played college football and was a wrestler, he did some MMA fighting. He is super buff and is so funny!

I did cry myself to sleep the first night, it was so hard! I miss all of you so much. I even cried at our branch meeting. I have to keep myself busy and then I am fine. Nights are the hardest, but I am now having fun.

The food here is great! It feels like I've been here for weeks, everyone says after sunday it will go by fast. It is so neat how the Spirit has worked on me already, I have already noticed a difference!

We just got our district leader and it's my companion! I really have no time to write, it is classes after classes but I want everyone to know how much I love you all. Take care and write me, I won't be able to read emails until Weds, but I love the dear elder letters each night!!

Love Elder Searle

Dear Family,

I know the last letter I sent wasn't all that happy, to be honest the first 2 days sucked. I was SO homesick, I especially miss Travis! Today was a special day though, my companion and I got all of our tears out over what we are struggling with the most...being homesick. We are now stronger than ever!! I was also asked to write "why am I here on my mission," I can answer that question tonight.....I remember how our family has been such a good influence on Kimber's family and how because of our examples, they have come back to church. That is why I am here! To bring families to the gospel, just like "little monkey." Tonight was a blast and I am so glad I am here!

I love the dear elder letters, PLEASE keep sending them to me!! My P-days are wed. I still love the food! I had 3 huge pieces of pizza tonight and cheesecake! I love my companion and my district is SO funny!
There is a HUGE Polynesian dude here, he took one whole box of pizza tonight and had 8 glasses of chocolate milk, then went back for seconds!! They all do the Haka dance that is really cool to watch.

Love you all, send letters!!

Elder Searle