Saturday, January 24, 2015

Riding in a Mini-Cooper

Dear Family,

How's it going everyone?

I had a pretty good week, everything from playing Phase 10, going on exchanges, walking in -23 weather to meeting new people.

This is my companions last week, I drop him off next Monday or Tuesday so this week we are trying to stay busy so he doesn't have time to think about home. We tried setting up a lot of visits with people and so he can also say good-bye to some people too.

Exchanges were pretty fun, we went and had lunch at HuHot after zone conference, which was before we went on exchanges and ate way too much there...THEN while eating lunch, we had our dinner invitation call and couldn't have us come over, so we went and grabbed one more plate of food. Then.. no hour later, someone called to see if they could feed us that night instead of lunch the next day. So we were like crap...hopefully we don't go anywhere nice. Well, we went to an expensive place called Cheddars, it doesn't sound fancy, but it was really nice. The dude loaded us up with everything!!! So we had some nice steak and an appetizer and some dessert. All while he just had a potato and she had a salad. They were the coolest couple EVER!!

They have the perfect life at the ages of 25 and 22. They have a home in Florida on the beach and they felt like they needed to come to Omaha for a bit so they just got up and left. They are renting out their home in Florida and now he has some better job offers. They have a very happy marriage and are set for life. They gave us some very useful tips about life and stuff, it was really good! As you can tell, I really enjoyed them since most of my letter is about them. :)  They also have a Mini-Cooper, that was my first time riding in one, it was pretty fun...he drove like a race car driver!

Nothing else too crazy has happened. This next week should be full of stuff, lots of appointments with people so it should be an awesome letter!!

Other than that, everything is going well, having fun and enjoying life!!!

Love you all!!

Love Elder Searle